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Mode Pricing

Business Plans
$ 0
Free forever
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Mode is free to use for public analysis, learning, and community projects.
Upload and share data sets using our public data warehouse
Share analysis of public data
$ 250
Billed monthly
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Standard includes:
10 free seats, $25/seat/month for additional seats
5,000 SQL query runs, $0.005/run for additional runs
Free Python compute
Unlimited data
SQL Editor
Python Notebooks
Reporting Tools
Scheduled Runs
Slack App
Email Sharing
Searchable Repository
Parameterized SQL Queries
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Standard Features, Plus:
Unlimited SQL query runs
Query Definitions
External Sharing
White-Label Embeds
User-Based Permissions
Administrative User Controls
Usage Statistics
Dedicated Account Manager
Premium Support
Analyst Community on Slack
Custom Data Retention Policy
HIPAA Compliance
Try Mode free for 14 days. No upfront commitments.
Just connect your database and start querying.

Data for All
We believe anyone can transform raw data into answers given the opportunity, tools, and access to knowledge. As analysts roll out Mode, folks see SQL and Python alongside data and a light bulb flips on: I can do this. Using Mode, people are leveling-up their data skills and becoming "analysts" regardless of role.
The trend is freeing up analytics teams to tackle the work they were hired to do, and empowering others to access data with confidence. Mode is priced to make it a no-brainer to invest in your team and in widespread, data-informed decision making.
I love that Mode inspires people to ask more questions.
Miju Han
Mode has made it ridiculously easy to go from query design all the way through automated reporting in a single tool.
Matthew Isanuk
Mode is our source of truth.
Peter Fishman