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The fastest path to data-driven decisions
The fastest path to
data-driven decisions
A SQL editor, Python notebook, and visualization builder, all rolled into one.

Mode is an analytics platform

Built for Analysts
Tightly integrated SQL, Python, and reporting tools give you the power and flexibility to answer any question and deliver meaningful recommendations.
Collaborative & Accessible
As the source of truth for your company's analytical work, Mode helps analysts and business partners move in lock-step toward impactful decisions.
Painless Deploy & Maintenance
Just connect your database and start exploring. Mode makes sharing easy, empowers others, and frees analysts from meticulous data model maintenance.
Power tools for exploratory analysis
Write queries and build charts. Keep every step of your data exploration tied together to decrease cycle time and ship analysis faster.
Pass SQL results into a Python notebook instantly. Share notebooks easily and present work that doesn't force others to wade through code.
Build interactive reports that open up data to your team. Save hours by empowering coworkers to update analysis on their own at any time.

Make smarter decisions together

Our customers use Mode to analyze and share a lot of data. But it's more than that. They're driving organizational change, empowering everyone to use data more effectively. More Stories >
I love that Mode inspires people to ask more questions.
Miju Han
Mode is our source of truth.
Peter Fishman
Data Table
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data table

Get going for free. Simply connect your database and start querying.