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Beautiful dashboards in record time

Every team's KPIs, backed by rock-solid business logic you can COUNT on.

Image showing an example of a dashboard in Mode
Reports for Every Team
Easy-to-consume reports layered on top of SQL and Python bring together the best of both worlds: analysts with flexibility at their fingertips and business partners empowered to make informed decisions.
Code and charts stay connected
Every report lives at a URL
Anyone can re-run at any time
Set reports to refresh on a schedule
It's a game-changer for the efficiency of an analytics team.
Miju Han

Bring together results from SQL queries and Python notebooks to present data in a digestible manner.

I had a huge aha! moment when I discovered that I could build completely custom reports in Mode.
Nate Sanders, Canopy Tax
Nate Sanders
Use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to modify our out-of-the-box charts and tables or build custom visualizations from the ground up. Just call a charting library like D3, Highcharts, or Leaflet, and start customizing.
You can embed your Mode reports in other tools or in an internal wiki. Click "Results a la Mode" below to explore.
Using query parameters, you can create data tools that enable business partners to modify queries and pull data on their own. Just add a few extra lines to your SQL query, and they'll get easy-to-use form fields in the report view.
Interactive reports


Everything you need to analyze and deliver data to every team.


Schema Browser

Explore your connected database to find tables and columns.


Definitions Plus

Build business logic in one place to ensure consistency across your teams.



Layer simple forms on top of queries to provide non-technical users more flexibility.


Auto Complete

Insert tables and definitions as you write your queries.


Query History

Access previous versions of queries and their results.


Searchable Repository

Create a central, searchable place for your company's analytical work.



Query results are available in the integrated Notebook for further exploration.


Email Sharing

Send reports to anyone in your organization on a one-off or recurring basis.


User Management Plus

Manage who can see and edit reports.

html editor

HTML Editor

Take complete control of your reports and customize everything.


Slack App

Integrate Mode with Slack to share reports instantly and simplify authentication.

Questions before jumping in? We'd love to chat. Contact our sales team