Future-proof your analytics stack

Scaling analytics architecture for every stage of your company

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Join Fishtown Analytics founder Tristan Handy and Mode data science evangelist David Wallace for a conversation about choosing the right tools for your analytics stack. The focus will be on building analytics workflows that scale with your business and help you stay nimble as you grow.

David and Tristan will discuss how a modular approach to tooling—that is, choosing a combination of specialized, independent tools rather than a single (often proprietary) monolithic tool—can help future-proof your data stack. They'll address the challenges of this approach and how best to tackle them based on their combined 20+ years of experience.

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About the speakers

Tristan Handy is the Founder and CEO of Fishtown Analytics. He spends his days building analytics and analytics teams for venture-funded startups like Casper, Away Travel, and SmileDirectClub. Tristan also contributes to an open-source tool called dbt, which is used by over 100 companies (including Mode!) to transform data in their warehouses.

David Wallace is Mode's Data Science Evangelist. He eats, sleeps, and breathes data. He began his data journey doing Neuroengineering research in academia. After realizing academia wasn't quite for him, David decided to make the leap into industry. Since then, he has worked on the data teams at RJMetrics, Intercom, and InVision. When he isn't evangelizing, you can find him either stagediving or barbecuing.