Reusable, SQL-based business logic your whole team can COUNT( ) on

Write SQL once, use it everywhere

Write a SELECT statement, save it as a Definition, and reference it quickly in other queries throughout the platform.

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How Definitions work



Like a database view, use the Definitions editor to name commonly used SQL SELECT statements.



For ad hoc exploration or dashboard prep, reference the Definition rather than writing hundreds of lines of complex SQL.



When your logic or schema changes, update the Definition once. Dependent metrics and reports update automatically.

A clearer view


Define business logic as you analyze, rather than pausing work to set up a view elsewhere. Definitions put simple data engineering tasks in the hands of the analysts.


See when and how often Definitions are used across the platform. Describe each Definition to quell methodology chaos and keep the building blocks organized.

Simplify SQL for everyone

Often, the hardest part of getting started with SQL is learning the schema. Definitions abstract away complex joins and deep database knowledge. Analysts can set the logic once, and give business partners the confidence to pull the right data with simpler SELECT queries. It's a better way to write SQL and get charts.

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