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Dashboards for teams that win

Meaningful metrics, powered by SQL

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No compromises

Teams get the powerful reporting they want. Analysts get the simplicity of SQL they need.

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Query. Chart. Repeat. Format your dashboard and share it instantly.

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On-brand reporting keeps people focused on the details that matter.

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Dig in, ask harder questions, and drive collaboration across teams.

Custom Themes

Style points

Quickly swap out our standard light and dark themes for a custom theme perfectly tailored to meet your brand guidelines.

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Dashboards everywhere

Data where decisions happen

Reports that look and feel like the Everlane brand help internal teams buy in, leading to more informed decisions across the business.

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Matt Hogan, Engineer, Everlane

Expanded Views

Open the door to new questions

Explore any dashboard element with a click. Then share a direct link in Slack to kick-start collaboration around new questions.

Powered by SQL

The power of Mode at your fingertips

No matter how tailored the metrics, dashboards are never enough. In fact, they inspire the questions that drive meaningful growth. Mode's powerful SQL editor and integrated Python notebooks are at the ready for the ad hoc analysis you know is on its way.

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