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Early Access

Code-Free Data Exploration

Code-first and code-free analytics, together at last

Everyone should be able to collaborate on data analysis in one place, whether they prefer code-first work in SQL and Python, drag-and-drop exploration, or a mashup of the two.

For the past six months we've been building a completely new kind of business intelligence. Analysts will continue to produce work in Mode the exact same way they do now, using the easiest, most powerful toolset available: SQL and Python.

Yesterday, this work produced static reports. With these new features, every report will become a powerful BI tool in its own right. No proprietary languages. No disjointed tools. No more wondering “why?” When data experts and domain experts can work side-by-side in the same tool, we all win.

We can't wait to show you what we've been working on.

Code-Free Data Exploration is rolling out in four phases



Quickly filter a dashboard's data to explore trends, without loading the database. Filters are a snap for analysts to add to reports: Mode automagically interprets SQL results to link filter fields across a report's queries.


Drag-and-Drop Chart Builder

Layer charts and pivot tables on top of SQL query results in just a few clicks. Choose from a wide variety of chart types, explore datasets visually, and create field hierarchies to power drill down interactivity for viewers.

Phase three


Instantly add rich interactivity to your Mode reports. It's the exploratory power of business intelligence, without all the headaches of a proprietary data modeling language. Turn your ad hoc SQL into dependable BI, in record time, in one platform.

Phase four

Shareable Explorations

Find an answer, make a decision. Share answers, build a data-centric culture. When everyone shares and collaborates on data analysis, data experts and domain experts can come together to solve a company's hardest problems, and turn solutions into action.

The future of business intelligence is SQL powered

Questions? We're here to help.