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The data platform that brings everything and everyone together, and gets out of the way.

SQL, Python, and R, together

Analysis requires multiple tools. SQL is ideal for some applications while R and Python are dominant in others. Mode lets you use the language that best suits the job, without jumping between applications.

Notebooks & SQL Editor

"Mode is GitHub’s shared space that streamlines analysis, insights and knowledge sharing. We’re telling data stories instead of just presenting a chart."

Dean Weesner — Manager, Product Analytics

Show the data

Mode has built-in charts to create reports and dashboards in seconds. Use the tool that's most comfortable— D3, ggplot, matplotlib or Mode's drag-and-drop charting tools— to explore data and communicate what you've found.


"Instead of bare-bones graphics and spreadsheets, we're able to provide beautifully illustrated reports that are customized to exactly their needs."

Dustin Whipple — VP of Sales

Data your whole company can rely on

Mode Business makes it simple to scale the impact of your analyses to your entire organization. Get fresh data behind every decision with streamlined workflow designed for the way teams actually work.

Never start from scratch

Whether you're writing your first SQL query or scaling your analytic organization, the Mode community has something for you. Clone example reports to jump start anything from building a linear regression to creating custom heat maps. Take advantage of our expert analysts as they walk through how to calculate retention, create a marketing attribution model, or use the API.

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Explore data visualization, modeling, and analysis.

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